Objectives and duties of the union

  • Efforts in coordination with the Ministry of Jihad Agriculture, the Ministry of Industry, Mines and Trade and other ministries and organizations and their subordinate organizations to avoid rework and make optimal use of the results of each other’s efforts.
  • Providing consulting services to receive the standard mark to all members in accordance with Article 3 of the Quality Improvement Law.
  • Defending the legitimate rights of members in legal authorities.
  • Involve the union in decisions and decisions and vice versa to protect the interests and interests of the sector, especially the process of economic growth and development of agricultural units in the country.
  • Establishing relations with domestic and international monetary and financial institutions in the framework of the laws of the Islamic Republic in order to provide financial facilities for the development of the union’s goals in order to support its members.
  • Creating a database in related fields, in order to coordinate and coordinate the goals and activities of the union.
  • Grounding and supporting the process of export and re-export of members’ products to regional and supra-regional countries.
  • Planning and organizing the production and development of mechanization in such a way that the cost price of the product is competitive with the similar ones in global markets.
  • Coordinating, informing and consulting with the commissions of the Islamic Consultative Assembly and relevant ministries to remove obstacles and accelerate the goals of growth and development of mechanization and inviting their representatives to joint meetings in order to homogenize activities and arrangements in line with common goals. Supports farmers and consumers.
  • Providing legal and consulting services to members to export members’ products and resolve bottlenecks and problems.
  • Efforts to prevent unhealthy and destructive competition of members with each other in domestic and foreign markets within the framework of regulations and instructions approved by the union.
  • Consideration and efforts to resolve disputes between members so that members can select the union as the arbitrator in all their contracts with domestic and foreign parties.
  • In order to control quality, inspect and issue quality certificates and after-sales service based on the definition of standards and criteria specified by the government.
  • Creating a healthy competition environment for all members.
    In order to optimally use and increase the productivity of agricultural machinery and equipment, union members are required to provide the appropriate mix of agricultural machinery and equipment required by the sector based on the status of the production system of production factors in setting the correct pattern of operation and necessary coordination with government policies. To do.
  • Creating coherence and coordination between manufacturers and importers of agricultural machinery and implements.
    Holding training courses and explanatory and comprehensive conferences in order to enhance the professional ability of members.
  • Publication of information journals in related fields.
  • Supporting the common interests of the members in the relevant assemblies.
  • Participation of the union in the testing of agricultural machinery and equipment with the standard organization and the testing group of the Agricultural Machinery Development Center. . .
  • Defending the rights of members against foreign companies, which are based on the principles and rules developed by the union in the face of members, to take unprincipled, non-technical and immoral actions.
    Efforts to organize production, exports and improve the quality of member services.
  • Continuous marketing by obtaining information about supply and demand, prices, consumer and production markets for supply to members using the latest global approaches to achieve the legitimate goals of export development.
  • Group participation in decision-making and decision-making and preparation and drafting of laws and regulations related to the export and import of goods and services in order to protect the financial interests and members in coordination with the Iran Chamber.
  • Establishing relations with banks and credit organizations of the country as well as international financial and monetary organizations in the framework of the laws of the Islamic Republic and providing the ground for financial facilities for the development of members’ activities
    Establishment of a database in the fields related to the goals and tasks of the union, members’ export activities and information through the creation of an information network and publication of specialized books, magazines and brochures.
  • Activities for attracting and participating natural and legal persons eligible to join the union.
  • Improving the credibility and prestige of union members by organizing and establishing appropriate relationships between member units.
    Carrying out any scientific and research activities inside and outside the country within the framework of the relevant laws to achieve the goals of the union.
  • Efforts to develop exports of goods or services subject to union activities.
    Contribute to the achievement of quantitative and qualitative goals set for the export of goods or services subject to the activities of the Union.
    Encourage and support investment in the part of production that provides the basis for increasing the export of goods or services.
  • Preventing unhealthy behaviors of members in target markets by applying the rules of the Disciplinary Committee of the Iran Chamber.
  • Efforts to increase the access of the world markets of the country’s goods or export services and create suitable opportunities for all members to enter these markets.
  • Participate in the development and implementation of standards required for the production and export of goods and services subject to the activities of the union and its control through the establishment of inspection companies.
  • Efforts to resolve disputes between members and, if necessary, through the arbitration of the Arbitration Center of the Iran Chamber.
  • Introduce members to various ministries and organizations to use the required services and facilities.
  • Execution of those executive duties related to the production and export of ministries and economic organizations that are delegated to the union.
  • Prepare reports every six months on the performance of the union and evaluate it, raise issues and problems along with proposing executive solutions to solve problems and submit the report to the Iran Chamber.
  • Provide executive proposals to solve the problems of production and export of goods or services subject to the activities of the union related to institutions, organizations and ministries