Iranian Association of Manufacturers and Exporters of Agricultural Machinery and Tools

Sustainable development is one of the concerns of modern societies and agriculture and food security are the most basic keys to sustainable development and the importance of economic agriculture is not hidden from any of the developed and developing societies. Economic agriculture will not be possible without mechanization and the use of new technologies and agricultural machinery. Therefore, manufacturers and suppliers of agricultural machinery and equipment have an irreplaceable role in ensuring food security in the country, and this indicates the need for this sector of the country’s industries to have a specialized position and organization, as well as special attention and support of officials and policy makers.

In this regard, and in order to organize the production and export of agricultural machinery and tools and services in related matters and maintain balance and order and provide the possibility of further exploitation of investment and production, as well as the use and transfer of scientific and practical experiences To achieve the legal goals of development in such cases and to defend the legitimate interests of natural and legal persons and to provide consulting services to all members to improve the quality of products, the Union of Manufacturers and Exporters of Iranian agricultural machinery and equipment, citing paragraph ( K) Article 5 of the Law on the Chamber of Commerce and as a specialized organization of manufacturers and suppliers of agricultural machinery and equipment, was registered in the Chamber of Commerce, Industries, Mines and Agriculture of Iran in February 2012.

Goals and tasks Union

  • Efforts in coordination with the Ministry of Jihad for Agriculture, the Ministry of Industry, Mines and Trade and other ministries and organizations and their subordinate organizations to avoid rework and make optimal use of the results of each other’s efforts.
  • Providing consulting services to receive the standard mark to all members in accordance with Article 3 of the Quality Improvement Law.
  • Defending the legitimate rights of members in legal authorities
    Involve the union in decisions and decisions and vice versa to protect the interests and interests of the sector, especially the process of economic growth and development of agricultural units in the country.
  • Establishing relations with domestic and international monetary and financial institutions in the framework of the laws of the Islamic Republic in order to provide financial facilities for the development of the union’s goals in order to support its members.
  • Creating a database in related fields, in order to coordinate and coordinate the goals and activities of the union.
  • Grounding and supporting the process of export and re-export of members’ products to regional and supra-regional countries.

Union of Agricultural Machinery Manufacturers and Exporters Union of Agricultural Machinery Manufacturers and Exporters

Union members